Why Sweatshirts Are Great For A Smart Look

Wearing a sweatshirt cannot only be for those college frat students who are care free and drink keg a house parties. It is also not the only way to justify a weekend look. You can look very smart in a sweatshirt if only you put in some work in the size n dressing department. A good sweatshirt can be worn even to work. You can pull the off for a date or even a meeting in a high end restaurant. This is why we came up with a list to show you just how to dress a sweatshirt.

A white sweatshirt.

Most men will tell you need an abundant amount of white t-shirts. Well the same can go for means sweatshirts. You need to be careful though with this one as the thickness of the men’s sweatshirt may make it look awkward if it’s too much. A nice balanced or thin material will make it the perfect street look. If you find some nice graphic imprinted on a white sweatshirt then you will be street certified as trendy. The baggy look may not bode so well with this color.

Grey Sweatshirt.

Monochrome colors often look preppy when paired with the right outfits. You can wear a shirt under your sweatshirt to make it look a little bit more relaxed but still formal wear. A nice solid pair of dark khakis would be the perfect item to go with the rest of your outfit. You can also pair a grey sweatshirt with some joggers or jeans for a nice collegiate look. This is often a staple in most men’s closets and should be in yours as well.

Black Sweatshirt.

We can all agree that a black sweatshirt exists somewhere in our room or closet. This is the most common look when it comes to sweatshirts. Most of these may be old college sweatshirts but there is nothing wrong with representing the institution you attended. You need to buy at least one black sweatshirt to ensure that you have something you can throw on in any situation. A black sweatshirt can be worn with almost everything in your closet. From jeans to khakis the grey sweatpants. You can pair this timeless piece with most of the things in your closet.

Crew neck or v neck

If you plan on having the sweatshirt on for a formal look then I would suggest going for the V-neck. The crew neck will work with any other look. It is basically the most made type of style for a sweatshirt any way. It can go with jeans, trainers and other types of clothes. You can get the best out of your sweatshirts if you pair them with casual looks and a pair of old school vans.

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