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Does anyone in here know the history of beauty products? We keep on using it without knowing where it came from. If we’re going to talk about fairytales, then Cinderella, Snow White or Beauty should get the credit for it. But since they’re just beautiful drawings, we can’t consider them after all. Most people say that Cleopatra is the first who use beauty products since she’s the prettiest lady live at that era.

Living in the 21st century, we should have our own beauty guide depending on what type of skin we have. If people living 10 centuries ago can produce and take care of their skin, then it should be a hundred times for us. Our skin is like a canvass that needs the right color and shade in order for us to look good. But it’s not just about that. It’s about feeding our brains with knowledge. So here is the history of beauty products:

Living in a desert is difficult since it lacks water and nourishments that can help our skin hydrate from the very hot weather. Natural or recipes from home can be used to have a healthy and glowing skin, like eggs, oil and milk. We all know that it consists liquid so in a way, it can be used as a drink by our skin. Plus the natural ingredients serve as a mild and protects our skin from the heat.

Exotic beauties are being appreciated all around the world. Coming from the word itself, it’s distinct and unique. That’s why most men prefer this kind of look because it’s rare and they’re very pleasing to the eyes. Years ago, Romans practice making different kinds of herbal skin care. Believe it or not, they even try making mud pack out of animal manures. Gross indeed, but they said that’s effective. We can compare those Roman beauties to American beauties nowadays.

The latest beauty news nowadays is how easy it is for us to cure acnes or any kinds of skin problems. Compared before, they need to focus on just one 1-3 acnes for almost a day just to figure out what to do with it. There are conscious people even before and try to imagine the number of conscious women in this generation. The secret of curing acne is to be gentle and careful with it all the time. Though we’re pissed due to lack of time and so many things needed to finish, we can handle everything in the right time and the right process.

Harsh and strong chemicals are what we can see in most products now. It is because they wanted to prove how effective a product is in just a short period of time. But these ingredients will just worsen the scenario. It’s a phenomenon that not everyone is aware of the dangerous effects that a person can experience if we keep on using it. It is proven that Romans also used these things, but we don’t have to follow the old ways. We should consider natural skin care and protection of the skin as well.

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