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What to Expect When You Enrol in Beauty School

Cosmetology is the art or study of cosmetics and hairdressing, and how to apply these fashionable techniques to actual clients. When a beauty school in the UK says it offers a full cosmetology programme, it implies that students will learn about how to style hair, care for the skin, manicure or pedicure nails, and apply make-up.


Cosmetology or beauty schools educate students about a variety of modern beauty procedures. Students learn how to apply the aforementioned services by reading textbooks, learning hands-on, and by participating in interactive lectures.

A Comprehensive Curriculum

The programme curriculum can vary from one school to the next. However, a well-trained student will graduate with a thorough and complete knowledge about all aspects of the beauty field. Students may also choose to specialise in a certain service area as well.

Learn How to Use Lasers

If you are interested in becoming an aesthetician, then this type of training is perfect for you, as it refers to areas such as makeup application, waxing, massage, facial applications, as well as laser and light therapy treatments. For example, at Weybridge beauty schools, students learn how to perform laser and light procedures through the use of modern technology and up-to-date techniques. Courses of this type usually take a little over a week in total to complete, with the time spread over a period of about two months. Each session begins around 9 am and ends at approximately 6 pm.

Tattoo Removal

You require this form of training as of 2016. Legislation in the UK states that anyone operating without the legal endorsement of Laser/IPL level 4 will be prosecuted, and the appropriate court proceedings will be facilitated. Part of learning about aesthetics also includes learning how to remove tattoos. A course of this type usually lasts about one day. Class participants can offer the service as soon as they are certified and have the proper insurance.

Students trained in aesthetics learn about the skin and the anatomy of the human body, as well as about sanitation and common safety processes. Classes that feature laser training are closely related to the medical field. Therefore, any aesthetics courses are frequently a subset of a cosmetology programme at a beauty school.


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