What should I wear for my engagement photo session

Once you get engaged, it’s time to start thinking about your engagement photography.But that’s not all. The most important and crucial question you ask yourself: What am I going to wear?

If you are not at all sure of your outfit oryou are searching for some worthy tips, you have come to the right place.

Tip# 1: Select Your Outfit according to the purpose of your engagement photo

You want your engagement photos to look fun and less formal compared to the photos of your wedding day. Maybe you’re thinking about using your engagement photo on your wedding invitations, wedding day programs, or even for your Save The Day cards. With so much purpose in your mind, the pressure of your outfit increases even more than so.

Tip# 2:  Choose Your Outfit Beforehand

One thingis for sure, you need to plan and decide what you have to wear ahead of time. Lay out your clothes and accessories the night before so you know if you are missing something. If you take your outfit an hour before its time to go onyour shoot, you’llprobably be scramblingaround lookingand getting everything ready for the day.

Tip# 3: Show Your Own Style

It’syour engagement photo so you should feel free to express and show off your own personal style. Your outfits will have a great impact on setting your mood, which will evidently be shown in your engagement photos. Wear clothes that are more “you.”Don’t force yourself to wear a dress if you’re not into wearing them.

Tip# 4: Add Accessories

It’s not just about the outfit. You also need to plan out the accessories that will go along with it and make your outfit complete. If the autumn season is around the time of your engagement shoot, you and your significant other can wear a bright hat or a colourful scarf.

Tip# 4: Keep a Change of Outfits for Variety

You don’t have to limit yourself to wearing just one outfit for the entire engagement shoot. You can plan to have a casual outfit to go with your casual, carefree shoots, and then you can change into your formal to get some proper engagement pictures. This way, your photos will pop up and add diversity to it.

Tip# 4: Don’t Be Scared To Wear Bold Colours

Sure, you might be tempted to wear white or a neutral colour for that matter. However, don’t just straightaway toss your bold colour outfits to the side. Here’s a reason why you should consider them.  They really come out and stand out on camera. When your pictures are developed, you will not regret choosing a bold colour outfit.

Now that you have an idea of how you should dress for your engagement photo session, it’s time to get straight into it. After all, you will need all the time you can get to select your perfect outfit for the much-awaited day.

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