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None of us want a scarred skin, because a scar is a form of skin imperfection and a scar is just something that is not nice to look at, even if it is us looking at it and not some stranger who apparently has taken interest in it and is eyeing it with curious thoughts.  There are scars that might heal and vanish completely and without any trace at all through time, and if you have a skin like this, a skin that will heal completely and will just scab and will not scar at all, then you should consider yourself as a very lucky person because there are person who scar so much even if they just sustained a very minimal wound or cut. And if you are one of those person who do not just easily scar but the scar turns into a kelloidal scar, then I believe that you would have to take more care of your skin, better than those any other people because, believe me when I tell you, that when you sustain a wound, especially if it is an unpleasant one, you are going to get super ugly scars that you will have for the rest of your life, no matter if you follow an online health guide religiously or no matter how many skin care products you buy and use on that scar; just to be able to get rid of that scar.

The first thing that you should do is to stop the bleeding of the wound or the cut.  You should also remember that you should never ever encourage the bleeding of the wound lest the blood will not clot and the wound will not heal sooner than it should.  You could stop the bleeding by applying pressure on it by making a tourniquet above the wound and keeping the affected part higher than the level of the heart.  You could also press down on it if the wound is in some part of the body which cannot be elevated above the level of the heart.  The next thing you would have to do is to apply the proper first aid that the wound needs.

One of the things that you could also do to avoid that ugly scarring is to make sure that you clean your wound or cut as fully and as thoroughly as you can.  You can use some hydrogen peroxide followed by some iodine to make sure that the bacteria and germs on and around the wound.  One of the major causes of scars is the bacteria and germs which breed and thrive on a wound, and this prevents the skin cells from regenerating fully and keeps the skin from returning to its old appearance, before you got that wound or cut.

After you clean it, you can apply an anti bacterial ointment on it.  Depending on the cut, you could dress it with a gauze to protect it; and never ever try to pick at the scab.

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