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Types of Wedding Hairstyles

Weddings are an elegant experience that will be treasured for a lifetime so it is no wonder that millions of women every year make sure that they create the perfect hairstyle. Because all the pictures they will be taking they want to make sure that there hair is picture perfect, since photos last forever. As there are many wedding dresses to choose from, there are also many different wedding hairstyles. Each person is an individual so they are going to have different styles. From the beach bum to the glamorous chick there is a wedding hairstyle that will suit any bride.

Traditional – Traditional styles are more of a romantic and classic look. An up do is a perfect example of a traditional look. A classic romantic look that has soft ringlets and accented with studded jewels creates a romantic and sophisticated traditional look.

Vintage – Creating a vintage look from the 1920’s era can be quite simple and create a stunning look for the bride. A chin length bob with soft side swept bangs and the help of a wave iron will create a superior vintage look for the bride.

Beach Bride – Soft and gentle waves that are accented with a nice hair accessory and either pinned up or pinned back into a subtle style. This hairstyle usually works with fine to medium hairstyle types.

Contemporary- This is a great hairstyle for the contemporary female that is not too fond of the up do’s. A sleek and modern hairstyle can be layered or held down with little volume is ideal for short to medium length hair.

Romantic- This hairstyle works best with fine to medium hairstyles as we. The hair can be long, curly, thick or straight. The hair can be pinned up in a soft bun or up do and accented with an elegant hair accessory.

Glamorous – This is a style for the unconventional chick that likes to wear her hair in her own style. This type of style can be worn everyday for any occasion. Usually tight ringlets and lots of curls do the trick to create a glamorous look.

Even though those are just a few of the various types of styles and examples of different wedding hairstyles. The list can continue into a whole book, there are many wedding hairstyles that will leave you looking your best on your special day. Some hairstyles are so simple that you can create in the comfort of your own home. And that is definitely a plus when you are on a budget.

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