Top Styles In Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses You Should Consider

If your bridesmaids are plus sized and you are wondering how to choose bridesmaids’ dresses for them, you may be discouraged with only a few options available. And you rightly think that no matter what size your bridesmaids are, they should look stunning (not more than you, of course, lol)!

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The key here is to enhance their natural beauty and you can do this by choosing bridesmaids dresses that will make them feel comfortable, confident and beautiful. Bridesmaids Only is a place where you can get a variety of dresses for a variety of figures. Take a look.

How will You Choose Dresses for Your Plus-size Bridesmaids?

While choosing dresses for your plus-size bridesmaids, consider choosing a variety of styles rather than only one style. Your first step should be to ask your bridesmaids what they like and in what type of dresses they feel comfortable.

Another approach is to decide a few parameters beforehand, preferred by you so that they can choose something liked by you both.

Now you can come across countless options. But this too may leave you daunted. Here are some tips.

Long Plus-size Dresses

It was time when long bridesmaids’ dresses used to possess a super-traditional vibe. However, they have become rare now.

When plus-size bridesmaids are concerned, a flowing fabric like chiffon are perfect for long dresses because it features movement and has the ability to hide problem areas.

And just like with most of the fuller figures, a well-defined waistline (like empire or A-line) is a necessity. For example, you can choose a long airy gown in the blush trend with a waistband with beaded embellishments that can create a slimming effect.

Or pair up a ruched bodice and plunging V-neckline and the combination can create a flattering silhouette for apple figures.

You can even choose a one-shoulder dress for your gals who like strapless dresses but not lacking the support entirely if they are bustier.

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Short Plus-size Dresses

Even short dresses are quite go-to, but they are more appropriate if your wedding is more causal. In that case, avoid clingy cocktail dresses and instead choose a fluttery feel with a cotton lace or tulle skirt.

If you want to choose a shorter hemline, play with various necklines (such as asymmetrical and illusion) for a super-unique feel.

If yours is a casual garden wedding, a flouncy shorter figure is perfect. A sweetheart neckline may be a great choice for that unanimously flattering look.

Or do you want a retro vibe? Consider a short teal frock having an illusion neckline.

If you want to choose a lace fabric for your plus-size gals, ensure it has some degree of movement. For example, an A-line dress will skim over the buttocks area and form an hourglass figure.

Plus-size Dresses with Sleeves

If modesty is your concern or if you want some additional coverage for arms, consider dresses with long or cap sleeves. Whether you choose sheer mesh or lace, sleeves offer a flattering elegant touch.

If you choose sheer cap sleeves, they offer coverage but at the same time are subtle enough to look casual. In addition, if you choose a colour like mint green, it will give an ethereal feel.

Another fantastic option is a classic lace cocktail dress with sleeves of three-quarter length. You can add a sash or belt to a clingy dress to get a waist-slimming effect.

Mesh cap sleeves and an illusion neckline is also a great combination in terms of a more conservative option to the popular figures.

You can get all these and many plus size bridesmaid dresses from Bridesmaids Only. Go through their extensive collection and choose fun dresses for your bridesmaids to make them shine!


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