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Top Destinations for Hair Transplant in India: Our Top 10

The plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure of hair transplant are one of the best ways to treat the male pattern baldness and most of the people affected by the Androgenic alopecia have received the surgery and enjoying the original re-growth hair.

India is rich in their cultural and historical assets and known for the unity in diversity due to the multiple languages, attire, food habit, lifestyle, and beliefs. Anyone wish to have the benefits of the tourism in India and wants to enjoy the cultural and historical beauty of this country. But, India has also an attraction of the medical tourism, especially for the plastic & cosmetic surgeries. The hair transplant in India is getting famous day-by-day due to the expert’s surgeon’s availability as well as the best clinical facilities, care and comfort that all are easily accessible to every economic group of the people.

It is always a top feed to know about the top 10 destinations for hair transplant in India and we are focussing this topic to help our readers in order to get the detail of the best cosmetic destinations.

In this article, the top 10 destinations for hair transplant in India are best mentioned below:

  1. Medispa Hair Transplant Centre: A great hair transplant centre in India located in two prime cities, i.e., Delhi & Jaipur. Medispa is known for their state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies that are used in the procedural work to assure you about the best aesthetic outcome of the procedure. Medispa is headed by pioneer surgeon; Dr Suneet Soni has a record performance in the field of hair transplantation. Medispa has one international branch in Dubai, UAE providing the quality treatment at a least-cost option. The clinic strictly maintains the standard parameters for safety & hygiene concern in order to offer the best aesthetic outcome.
  2. Adhi India: Adhi India hair transplant centre is located in Delhi has the great extensive background. The experts performing at Adhi, India have global exposure in terms of offering the remarkable outcomes. Adhi India is a famous destination for the hair transplant procedure, but it cannot be categorized under the affordable cost option. This is known to be a pricey destination for the restoration surgery, but this really worth it.
  3. Perfect Hair Transplant, Chandigarh: The cold and clean city, Chandigarh is also a famous destination for the hair transplant procedure. The perfect hair transplant centre is there and attracts a lot of national and international clients/patients. The experts who are giving the service at the Perfect hair transplant centre have in-depth knowledge and possess a number of years’ experience in this field.
  4. Skin City, Pune: Skin City hair transplant centre is headed by Dr Niteen Dhope. It is a very famous hair transplant centre located in 16 districts of Maharashtra. It is more than a decade old clinic has a reputed presence in the plastic and cosmetic surgery field. The Skin City of Pune is a prominent place for the hair transplant surgery and has a good record in offering the quality treatment.
  5. The Skin & Shape Clinic: This is the best centre for receiving the hair transplant procedure in the dream city Mumbai. This hair transplant centre entails on the aesthetic results is comprised of the best surgeons of hair transplant in India. Dr Bijoy Methil and Dr Anju Methil, the popular names in the cosmetic surgeries are offering services at the Skin & Shape Clinic.
  6. Olive Hair Transplantation and Cosmetic Surgery Centre: This clinic is known as the best hair transplant destination in India. It is located in Hyderabad attracts a lot of patients with hair loss every year. The Olive hair transplantation and cosmetic surgery centre enjoys the standard facilities and quality measure to offer the hair transplant procedure.
  7. New You Clinic, Bangalore: This clinic is located just above the Hyderabad house are known for the best treatment with a courteous behaviour of the staffs. One can get the excellent results of the hair transplant surgery as the procedure is performed by the best surgeons and Doctors. You can get an appointment easily by ringing or clicking the webpage and the clinic staffs will assist you the best.
  8. Akruti Hair Transplant Clinic: This place is perfectly good for the budget-conscious people. Akruti hair transplant clinic is a popular destination for those who look at the quality treatment at a modest cost option. Of course, there are many other destinations at budget-cost, but no one even close to the patient satisfaction offered by Akruti clinic.
  9. Radiance Hair Transplant Clinic: If you are looking for the clinic who is more concerned about his customer service, you are at the right place with the Radiance hair transplant clinic. The professionals at the Radiance hair transplant clinic has many years of experience and expertise in providing the best hair transplant results.
  10. Prime Hair Studio: The prime hair studio offers you an affordable hair transplant service with assured results weigh a top place in the hair restoration market. Time-to-time Prime hair studio offers the inaugural discounts to attract clients across the globe.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant in India is a worthy decision as a number of good clinics and hospitals are providing the hair transplant services at a genuine cost with an expert hand of the medical professionals.

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