Top 6 Fashion Mistakes Women Make

To get dressed and flaunt our attires is something that we all love to do. However, when we do so, sometimes we tend to overdo it. There are a few fashion mistakes that are so easy to avoid and shouldn’t be avoided. Check out these top six.

Dress according to the weather – You might find it hilarious, but it helps to check on the weather report since it will keep you from being overdressed or underdressed. You will be glad that you will be prepared for whichever way the temperature swings. The summers are all about showing skin, but in a strategic way, such as showing skin and wearing the right fabrics to keep yourself cool. At the same time, in winter, smart layering is recommended. Even if the occasion calls for delicate fabrics such as silk or cotton, you can still layer up with light cardigans as well as appropriate underwear.

Being careful with animal print – To match everything clearly won’t work here. In case you are wearing an animal print, avoid matching your footwear or the clutch or even other accessories with the dress. It’s a pure fashion disaster. Just because animal print is one of the hottest fashion trends doesn’t mean that you will cover yourself in it from head to toe.

Wearing denims that don’t flatter your figure – There are more than a million ways to flatter your figure with the perfect pair of denims or jeans. Be it the latest in fitness technology, denim never looked or fitted better.

Visible bra straps – You might want to wear that sexy little black dress, but is clueless about how to fix the bra straps? Sew the front of your bra into the backless dress. You can also use a paper-clip to hold the bra straps so that you can make it a racerback. At the same time, you can also stitch little hoops under the tank tops thus keeping the straps in place everything in fashion.

Overdoing the accessories – One of Chanel’s famous quotes was, “Always take off one accessory before you leave the house”. This especially comes true if you are already wearing a statement piece such as an embellished neckline. In that case, let it highlight your look while let other accessories play a supporting role. Also, wearing big danglers with layers of neck pieces as well as multiple bracelets only leave the whole look confusing so keep it too simple. Avoid wearing big earrings if you are already wearing a statement neck piece.

Being a brand snob – You might want to show off the brand name of everything you are wearing. However, you also want to appear sophisticated. Easy fix? Try not to show it off everywhere, such as logos plastered everywhere. At the same time you will be amused when an unnamed piece will elicit the question “where did you find that?”

So these were the top six fashion mistakes that you can avoid or not to repeat if you have already committed them. Develop your own style since trends tend to come and go.

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