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The value of a great makeup lesson

You might be wondering the value of a great make-up lesson if like most of us you have been applying your own make up, possibly for years, without any problems.

But how did you learn?

Did you take makeup classes?

Or did you just go to a high street store one day and pick out what you liked the look of that day? I know this is how I first got started and if I’m honest it’s how I’ve kept on going.

I put it on, it looks ok, job done.

But is it the best I could have achieved?

No, probably not, I haven’t taken makeup lessons, I didn’t check to see if I was wearing the correct foundation for my skin type and I certainly didn’t blend.

So, what are the values of good makeup classes?

Learning how to correctly apply make-up but a good make up lesson will also show you which tones and colours suit not only your skin tone but your facial shape too.

Knowing which products to buy the next time you are shopping for eye shadow or that new lipstick you promised yourself months ago, without randomly picking the one closest to your hand.

The range of make-up lessons include day to night make-up lessons, contouring lessons, the perfect day look and even bridal make-up, you can learn to get the look you’re after no matter the event or occasion.

Learn how to embrace your natural beauty and have fun doing so!

And at the end you will come out looking and feeling not only beautiful but confident too, which is honestly why we put the make-up on in the first place… for ourselves.

How do I find a good makeup class?

Simply searching for make up lessons London won’t be enough, you will need to find a great make-up artist you can trust to teach you the fundamentals of applying make up but who will also help you find a look that really suits you personally.

That someone is make-up artist Lina Cameron.

She has a very impressive CV, with over a decade of experience as a make-up artist.

From working with some of the best-known brand names in the beauty industry to working with celebrities, musicians and regularly contributing to several of the biggest national magazines.

But most importantly she has gained a very large loyal customer base, not simply because she is a celebrity make-up artist but because she truly has a passion for helping you find your look.

‘I won’t judge your tastes or habits but I will guide and empower your future choices. We’ll have fun exploring your make-up bag, building on what you already know.’

Not only will she guide you to achieving a look you are comfortable with whilst still looking and feeling your best, but you will truly enjoy your experience!

Take a look inside your make-up bag and ask yourself if you are happy with what you see and if not why not treat yourself to a great makeup lesson from one of the best make-up artists in the business.

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