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The Top Eight Best Hairstyles 2018 For Men

Finding the best hairstyles 2018 for a man often has a variety of factors that play a significant role in their hair style choices. Men have increasingly found over the last few decades that they can have a wide variety of diverse hair styles that are created to best suit their personality and their work which can vary a great deal as they age.

In generations past the best hairstyle for man were primarily clean cut styles and looser hair styles which predominated men’s hair styles. However today, the styles for men have varied to even greater levels. Most of these styles are geared towards the best hairstyle for short hair.

The Top Best Eight Hairstyles For Men Today

The Hollywood- This style is short on the sides at about a half inch. The top should be parted slightly on the side with at least 3-4 inches left on the top to style.

Shorter-Choppy- This style is usually less than an inch on the sides and about 2 1/2 inches on the top.

Short and Choppy with Bangs- This style follows the Shorter-Choppy style but has specified bangs and no part.

Mountain Man- This style requires longer hair, typically 5-6 inches which can either be parted or combed back. Usually men who enjoy this style also have some facial hair. This can be a shorter beard or a 1-2 day unshaved look.

Finger Through- This hair style requires that the hair be more full bodied and have no part. Additionally, the hair is usually 3-4 inches on the top and 2-3 inches on the sides.

Wavy- This hairstyle usually requires a full-bodied hair that has some natural waves. There is usually no part in the hairstyle and it is combed back. It usually has a top length of 5-6 inches with 3-4 inches on the side.

Soft and Curly- The length at the top of this hairstyle is usually 2-3 inches and the sides about 1- 2 inches with it falling slightly over the ears.

Biblical-This hairstyle is usually shoulder length all around and can either be parted or combed back. This is not to be confused with a typical Rocker hairstyle which tends to be beyond a shoulder length hairstyle and does not usually have a defined overall one length trim.

Remember, when deciding what the best hairstyles for a man are-age, body structure, facial features, career, personality and commitment to upkeep often are the biggest deciding factors for what their personal best hairstyles 2018 should be.

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