The Perfect Fit with Quality Alterations

There are times when you need an outfit for a special occasion, yet you cannot find the right fit. Formal wear must fit perfectly. Things such as prom or wedding dresses, are made to fit your body a certain way. Different body types and available sizes may not always work out. Alterations are often done to get the right fit.

The Big Day

Wedding dresses are often altered more than once to get the right fit. This is common partly because brides may be trying to lose weight prior to the wedding. You may need to have a last-minute fitting close to the wedding date to make sure everything is still in order. Bridesmaid’s dresses are often ordered in the lady’s sizes and then altered onsite. There are a few common areas that may need changing.

  • The chest area
  • Length
  • Waistline

School Dances

School dances, such as banquets or prom are big events for teens. Girls often start searching for dresses early in the school year before their senior prom. A favourite dress may not come in the right size, as well. Many times, a dress can be sized down with alterations. Some can even be let out a bit to make them larger. This can open more options when shopping. Dress alterations in Birmingham can be a great help when preparing for special events.

With the option to have an alteration you can often choose a dress you love, even if it is not the right size. Wedding boutiques often have someone on staff to do alterations in the months leading up to the wedding. Department stores may also have someone to do alterations on things such as suits and formal dresses. This can help people who may not have the exact measurements of pre-made dresses.



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