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If you are a warrior, you would think that your face is the most basic of your offense and defense, because it is the first thing that people see when they look at you.  It is also the first thing that they notice or search for when you meet them for the first time.  We are all aware of the cliché that the eyes are the mirrors of the soul.  And with this, I think that it would just be right to say that the face is the conveyor all emotions that are raging or flowing inside us.  The face can also be considered as a page where all the words that we cannot bear to speak of hear can be read.

Because of this, don’t you think that it would just be logical to keep the face clean and clear?  Being if the first line of defense and offense, you would want your face to be as good and as perfect as it should and as you could make it.  Of course, that is why many beauty products and manufacturers out there are entirely dedicated to making products which can make the facial skin more appealing and smooth by using ingredients in their products which are really good for the skin.

Also, with all the face beauty tips and free beauty tips out there on the World Wide Web, it is unacceptable for you if still do not know how to care for your face and the skin that covers it.  It is also a shame if you have not come across any tips that pertain to the proper care of the facial skin, because that would mean that you are just too lazy to do it or you are just not bright enough to run a search on the internet. What a pitiful case you are.  I hope you suffer from many skin problems and never recover from it.

One of the things that you should be doing as a way of caring for the skin is to cleanse it daily.  Never let the pollution and dust and dirt in the environment steep deep in your skin and clog your pores. Clogged pores are the primary reason for acne and pimples, and such problem can leave dark spots and scars.

You should also exfoliate.  This procedure will rid your face off the dirt and irritants better than cleansing could do.  This is why exfoliation comes after cleansing.  This is done to ensure that the dirt left on the face even after cleansing is removed in the exfoliation.  Exfoliation also helps remove dead skin cells which make the skin look more radiant and clearer.

The third thing that you should do is to moisturize your skin after you have cleansed it and after you exfoliate it.  Make sure that you use a mild moisturizer so that it will not irritate the skin that you just finished exfoliating.  Moisturizing the skin will lock the moisture in and keep the skin from drying.

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