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The Amazing Long Pixie Cut

A chic variation on the short pixie is its close relation – the long pixie.  The long pixie gives you more versatility and styling options that the shorter style. The long pixie cut is perfect when you love your short hair, but want some variation in your look.  It’s also a great solution when you want to grow out your pixie and need that in between style to keep you looking amazing while your locks get longer.

Gorgeous Options

The longer pixie gives you more options than its shorter version.  Go longer all over for a tousled look, a long fringe gives you depth and extra volume draws the crowd’s attention.  Any way you look at it, the long pixie cut is a win.

  1. Over the Ears

This pixie style is longer overall, with large pieces arranged in front of and behind the ear.  A side-swept bang and a tiny bit of length in back gives you a glamorous and alluring style.

  1. Long on Top Pixie

With long tresses on top, some layering will add get tons volume and texture in contrast to the shorter sides and even shorter back.

  1. Long Wispy Bangs

This style rocks elongated, wispy bangs that reach mid-ear.  The side-swept bangs add intrigue to your look.

  1. Wavy Pixie

Longer, wavy strands on the top and sides blend beautifully to a longer, tapered back.

  1. Pixie Extended

Add a little drama to your pixie with some interesting hair extensions.  Thin, collarbone strands in front blended toward the back give you an intriguing asymmetrical shape.

  1. Side-Swept Fringe

With extra-long bangs, this sophisticated style lets you tuck that fringe behind one ear, let it move with your hair or pin it back with a whimsical accessory.

  1. Textured Tousle

Try a captivating, messy look to your long pixie for an easy change.  Long, textured strands on top along with a long side swept fringe can give your hair some depth with that length.

  1. Oh Those Bangs!

Long bangs with tons of volume will elongate your pixie giving the appearance of a longer style.  Pushed back with the help of some product and a dryer, this look gives some height to your ‘do.

  1. Deep Part

With a longer allover cut, try a deep, against-the-growth part for your fringe.  Push your bangs to the side and loosely tuck them behind your ear to frame your face.

  1. Over the Eye Mystique

With super long bangs and a little longer length on the sides and back, this enchanting style is extremely versatile for your many moods.

  1. Sleek and Sophisticated

Great for long pixie cuts, this style has longer bangs with a medium length around the ear and in back.  Some light layers and a bit of product smooth out this look with cosmopolitan charm.

  1. Pixie with Side Bangs

With short and medium layers for volume through the back and crown, the longer sides create side-fringe effect and complement round face shapes.

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