Stylish Men’s Hipster Haircuts

One of the most common trends among men right now is the hipster look, which combines retro styles from past decades with a modern twist.

The haircut is one of the most important parts of your overall appearance, making it important to rock the right hair with your attire. When you want to look like a hipster, there are a few styles to try out and experiment with.

Long Fringe

Looking like a hipster means incorporating a bit of grunge into your style to make it look like you’re not completely polished.


Allow your hair to grow out and part it on the side to make it hang in front of your eyes to create an edgy and mysterious look. You can pair it with a bushy beard to look on point and stand out in a crowd.

High Man Bun

The man bun is ideal for guys who have a longer mane and want to keep it out of their face without losing their masculinity.

Man buns should be worn on the top of the head and can look sloppy for added edge that is plenty trendy. Avoid brushing out your hair to make it look more grunge and manly.

You can also shave the sides of your head to make it look clean and more modern when you want to change up the hairstyle.

Side Swept Blonde Hair

More guys are bleaching their hair and making it look like they stepped out of the ’90s with blonde locks that are close to the color white. Style them to the side with a harsh part that will allow it to look messy and still stay out of your eyes.

You can also spike them to change up the hairstyle throughout the week if you’re growing your locks out.

Combed Back

Guys who have longer hair can comb back their mane and shave the sides with a hairstyle that is long on the top. The combed back hairstyle is paired perfectly with a beard to make it look like you have plenty of hair that is neatly styled.

Although the undercut will require you to make a visit to the salon every few weeks, you can allow the top of your hair to freely grow out for a minimal amount of maintenance.

The style is ideal for guys that have straight hair with a cut that is easy to tame with a bit of gel or product that can be used.


If you need to look polished at the office without compromising on your hipster style, you can part your hair to the side and put gel or mousse in it.

You can even do a bit of undercut with a fade to look sharp and still incorporate a popular trend with your style.

Curls on Top

Men who have curly or wavy hair can shave the sides of their head and allow the top to grow out long. You can even add a few lowlights that add extra dimension to your mane and will make it more unique without straying from the hipster look.

After you have made your choice, a professional barber can give you one of these haircuts.

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