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Mobile Hairdresser Insurance

No matter where people live, they want to look elegant and beautiful. The need for mobile hairdressers here in the UK is growing, and there are many hairdressers who are following suit by devoting their trade to actually travelling to a client’s location in order to perform hair dressing and other beauty procedures, rather than the customer coming to them. There are cases where the client is elderly and is not able to travel, or perhaps a busy young executive has little to no time to cater to herself, so availing herself of the luxury of a mobile hairdresser coming to her home is perfect.

If you operate as a mobile hairdressing business, you are considered a beauty professional and you have an obligation to care for your clients, the general public, and any employees that you might have. If you fail to fulfill this duty, a claim for compensation could very well be filed against you. It’s unfortunate that these days we’re living in a society where legal proceedings for compensation is pretty much an everyday occurrence. A large compensations claim, together with steep legal could end your business. Minor damages such as spilling a product on a client’s carpet, or injury from a product used could be disastrous. The list goes on and on. Liability cover can protect you in these situations and more.

Public Liability Insurance

If you are a mobile hairdresser, you technically own a small business and need insurance. You are considered self-employed and you and any of your employees (if you have any) can be held liable for injury to a third party or any damages to their personal property. This is the case because mobile hairdressers provide services and goods to the general public. If you were to do business under the protection of a limited liability company, then most likely the company would be held responsible for damages, and not likely that you yourself would be held liable for anything.

Product Liability Insurance

There are products that you may use on a client or that you sell as part of your business. Using or selling such products makes you liable for damages or injuries that may arise from defects in the manufacturing or design of these products even if you yourself were not negligent. Product Liability Insurance will protect you should a claim made by someone for injury or damage to themselves or their personal property, which was caused by the product that you supplied. Product Liability Insurance will not cover you if the product that you used was not defective, but rather was used by you in an unsuitable manner and thus problems arose as a result of that. For this type of cover you will need a public liability policy.

It’s important to understand and remember that Product Liability is not designed to provide cover you if you simply use an inferior product that doesn’t live up to a client’s expectations. Nor does it cover the supply of poor quality services whilst using that product. Similarly, just having this insurance doesn’t relieve you from the responsibility of taking statutory due care in the course of your business operations.


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