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Learn New Way to Wear a Ponytail

Ponytail is the ultimate hairstyle wherein you don’t need any hairstylist or any hair products to help you out, just a scrunchies. But wouldn’t it be great to take it up a notch? You could learn new ways to wear a ponytail. Ponytails are the simplest form of hairdo that any women can create in just three seconds. Although it is the simplest hairstyle there is, you can still make it look good and wear it fashionably by knowing some few good tips to match your personality.

Ponytails are pulled straight back on various level or degrees and angles on height. But like all other fashion and style, a ponytail also defines us depending on the shape of our faces. According to some professional stylists, you can bring out the best out of your ponytail when you know how to twist it up and base it on that shape of your face. Majority of women doesn’t really know how to balance their hairdos with the angulation of their face. For all we know, it is all about illusion on managing the volume and texture of our hair.

If you have diamond shaped face, the best for this type is to make sure the head top is mildly rounded so that you wouldn’t make this cone head effect. So what you need to do is boost the volume of your hair, backcomb your roots then smooth your hair down back for a neat finish.

Any type of ponytails goes perfectly with oval shaped faces, even the side angular ponytail. It may be a retrograde style of ponytail but to make it more up to date, you can try to put some braids first then secure the ends just behind your ear then finish it up with curls or wavy ends for volume.

Heart formed faces are great with mid-height ponytails just at the crown and a side bangs to balance everything. While with square shaped faces, leave some few front wavy bangs and then end up with a curly end. Lastly, the higher the ponytail the better with round shaped faces to balance out the head plus giving a few teasing on the ends.

Now that you know how to wear new ways to wear a ponytail, go and give it try. It wouldn’t hurt to add a little finesse on your simple ponytail.

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