Keep the following tips in mind if you want to get haircuts for women short

There are many haircuts for women short that have been the favorite of many for a long time. It is good for older women who are looking for short hairstyle.  The hairstyle can be shags, edgy cuts and bobs.  The hair cut can be at random but in the end it can look gorgeous.   Some women with short hair are famous while others are not that famous.

Is it flattering?   

It has become as a beauty myth that women who are over 55 years old should have their hair short. However, the first step in having short hair is to make sure that it flatters your shape and face and it fits the hair texture.

Curly hair is good if it is longer and if you have round face. However, when you do the research, you will end up with the hair style that you will love.  You can learn about different styles on the websites or magazines. You should consider the hair style of the woman who is in the picture and check if it can match your hair.  Look for the style that will fit better the straight, fine, curly, coarse and wavy hair depending on the hair type you have.

If you like the hair style, you should go old school and then print out the image and take it with you to a saloon. You can also save it at the phone.

How to enjoy a short hairstyle

If you want to make the change, you can skip the old lady saloon. Go into the saloon that caters for the women who are stylish. Ask the women who have the hair style you like where they get it done.  

Schedule the appointment

Go for a 10 minute consult with the stylist in order to discuss the style you like. Keeping in mind the maintenance required for short hair. If you like to wash the hair often, then the stylist should know it. You can also use the flat iron or the blow dry.

Think about the maintenance

The short hair may be trimmed in 4 to 6 weeks.  If you wish to maintain the style, then a great haircut has to grow out in a beautiful way.  You will have to visit the salon few times in one year.

The products to use

If you want to make sure that the hairstyle looks frizzy and it does not fall flat. You have to know the best product to have. You may use the mouse if you want to build up the texture or you can use conditioner on the dry hair.

You can ask the stylist about the recommendation but you should not be under any need of buying the pricey products from the salon.  You can buy from other stores where the price is cheaper.

The short hair style include the Pixie which is a classic hairstyle option if you are over 50

Super edgy pixie, it is a cool and edgy and it can suit every woman regardless of the age


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