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Important Guidelines to keep in mind Before Buying Hair Extensions

The application of hair extensions has become commonplace recently. Hair extensions utilised to be restricted to celebrities only, but thanks to technological improvements in the production of hair extensions, this product has become easily accessible to all females.

However, before you begin your mission for hair extensions, here are some tips to follow and apply when shopping online for these products

Purchase hair extension type based on your way of life

The type of hair extension to purchase will mainly depend upon the kind of life that you lead on a day-to-day basis. For first-timers, we extremely suggest buying clip in hair extensions From a reputable brand. Clip in hair extensions is most famous for novices as they are the simplest to set up.

Tape in hair extensions is semi-permanent in that they stick to natural hair for a more extended period. Tape ins are held together by other strong adhesives that glue to the hair for as much as eight weeks. This is best for females on the go.

Get the best-coloured hair extensions

It is necessary that you get the ideal colour match before looking for tape in or clip in hair extensions. If you desire your hair extensions to look natural and blend perfectly with your natural shade, you need to get the shade right. The best method to carry out a colour match is to inspect completions of your hair strands. Never do a colour match with roots as your basis for comparison.

Purchase only the most beautiful quality tape in hair extensions.

Do not skimp when buying hair extensions. It’s always best to save up sufficient loan so you can splurge on the best hair extensions. Although it might be tempting to purchase artificial hair extensions, they typically look unnaturally shiny and end up being harmed easily.

If your budget plan allows, opt for Remy hair extensions or human hair wigs online. Remy’s hair is more economical than virgin hair. They also resemble natural hair, and the hair extensions are less likely to suffer from tangles and other problems that are typically connected to utilising artificial hair extensions.

Tips for Selecting the Right Coloured Hair Extensions

One major factor when buying tape hair extensions is picking the colour that best suits you. Some ladies are inclined to choose tones that they have never ever attempted in the past, while the majority will opt for tones that are closest to their original hair colour.

When picking the ideal colour match for hair extensions, we note down some of the most common hair shades.

Jet Black

High-quality human hair extensions typically are available in jet black colour. These hair extensions are made from virgin human hair strands that have not been coloured or chemically processed. Their fresh, blue undertones characterise jet black clip in human hair extensions.

Off Black

Clip in ponytail extensions come in an off black colour to make them look natural. Off black blends perfectly with natural black hair. Off black functions have warm, brown undertones. If your hair has a black look but sometimes looks dark brown in sunlight, this is the ideal shade of clip-in ponytail extension for you.


The hair colour chart includes various tones of brown hair extensions. Here are some of the most common brown shades that you can see in the clip in hair extensions:

Dark Brown has warm undertones to it. In the hair colour chart, it is mid-tone-brown and is most elegant for those with brown-dyed natural hair.

Mocha Brown usually is considered the darkest shade of brown when it pertains to clip in hair extensions. If your natural hair has warm, red undertones to it, this is the right shade to select.

Chestnut brown on the other hand is the lightest shade of brown that you will typically see in the clip in ponytail extensions. It displays a warm golden brown hue with tips of caramel and honey undertones.


There is no lack of blonde clip in hair extensions on the marketplace. You can pick from the darkest shade of blonde that boasts golden and warm brown undertones to beach blonde clip in hair extensions that is the lightest shade of blonde and compliment ladies with brilliant natural bleach blonde coloured hair.

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