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How to Winnow the Nose Naturally – The Best Tips

One of the areas that most complexes our face is usually the nose. And, although each shape has its own attractiveness, the truth is that, among women, the upturned nose is usually seen as the most beautiful. A nose with an upturned shape is characterized by small, slightly curved upward and harmonious with the rest of our face. To change our nasal structure, we usually resort to one of the best known methods of aesthetics: plastic surgery. However, did you know that there are other alternatives where you do not have to go through the operating room?

Nose resopping

The nasal respingadores consist of a kind of prosthesis that is made with a series of flexible materials, that is, they adapt to any nose shape. Thanks to this alternative we can achieve correct and mold our nasal structure to get a more upright look. You can buy this aesthetic tool through the Internet or in hairdressing salons, or you can also create your own homebuilders easily. For this, you will only need:

  • Scotch tape
  • Gauzes
  • Scissors

To make a nasal rescuer, simply cut a piece of tape to place it on your nose. If your skin tends to be sensitive, you can use a piece of gauze with the tape and place it on the bridge of your nose so that it does not irritate the dermis. When you have it on your nose, you just have to go to sleep. When you wake up, remove the adhesive strip and repeat the process at night. You will have to do this process at least 4 or 5 times a week to notice effects.

Nasal gymnastics to win the nose naturally

Another way to reshape the nasal structure is through some facial exercises that will help you look a narrower and upturned nose. Try to perform 5-6 days a week the following nasal exercises repeating each of them about 50 times a day:

Place the palms of your hands on each cheek and then stretch them towards the ears. When you are in this position and you notice your nose widened you will have to do opposite force with the nose for 5 seconds.

Put your index fingers under the eye bags pushing upwards. While you are in this pose, bring your nose to the opposite side for 5-10 seconds each repetition.

Another exercise to lift the nose is to press the nostrils inward with one finger in each, that is, cover the nostrils, and raise or open them for 5-10 seconds each repetition.

The following exercise to winnow this area is simple: while pressing and raise the nostrils with the fingers of one hand, with the index finger of the other hand we raise the tip of the nose. We perform this exercise for a few seconds each repetition.

The last exercise consists in making the letter O with the mouth and, once in this position, we will try to tighten the nasal muscles for 5 seconds.

Makeup tricks to win the nose

Another way to wear a prettier nose is through makeup, with which, we will correct the imperfections and make our nasal structure look more naturally resplendent. To do this, you just have to follow the following tricks and makeup tips to win your nose:

To create an upturned effect, it is necessary to have two concealers in our makeup set, one light and one dark. If you do not have correctors or you cannot buy them, you can also use makeup bases, as long as they are of a different color (one light and one dark).

Once you have acquired them, apply the clear concealer in the central area of ​​the nose, from the septum to the tip, drawing a straight line.

Now, with the concealer or the dark base, you will have to draw a line on each side of the central clear line with the help of a makeup brush.

When you have drawn them, diffuse the dark lines to the outside so that the nose seems much closer and more harmonious.

The last step to make it seem more upright will be to apply the base or corrector of clear tone in the area of ​​the nasal holes. In this way we will make our nose look more raised.

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Article Source: Tape Daily

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