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How to make your eyelashes seem longer?

Using fake lashes is great when your natural lashes aren’t healthy enough. But let’s get to the real deal, you cannot possibly wear fake lashes all the time. It is not always practical to apply glue on those lashes, fix them up on your lash line and then wait for them to dry. It can take good 15 minutes to do so. Wearing them for a long time can get a little tiring. If you want longer lashes it is possible without undergoing any surgery or treatment.

You can use natural remedies to make your lashes grow. But if you are looking for instant results and you are not comfortable with using fake lashes all the time, then here are some tips and tricks for you to make your lashes beautiful:

Use an eyelash curler

A quick trick to get fuller lashes is to use the conventional eyelash curler. After using it once, you’ll see how beautiful and lifted your lashes look. So before applying mascara, you need to properly curl your lashes with a lash curler. You might fear using the curler and accidentally pulling out hair from your lashes but if you are careful, you can avoid such circumstances. However, do not use an eyelash curler frequently as it can eventually break your lashes. Just use the curler and apply some mascara and see the difference.

When’s a lash primer going to work?

Applying a lash primer before applying mascara can probably help you thicken those lashes. The primer will not only thicken but will also lengthen your eyelashes making them fluttery and gorgeous. Not only this but applying a primer helps in making the mascara last longer.

Take care of your lashes

Just like you condition your hair, your lashes also need conditioning too. There are a lot of options that can be useful in conditioning and they may produce different results. Various products are available out there that help in hydrating and fortifying the lashes. These are one of the important things in enhancing the volume and length of the lashes. Doesn’t matter if you want to put mascara on or not, your lashes should be healthy.

Try different mascara wands

Once you start looking around, you will find mascaras with different kinds of wands. Every wand has got its own way of curling the lashes and making them visible and thicker. There are wands that make the lashes thicker and fuller. Pick the one that helps the most in making your eyelashes look long.

Pop on some color

Once you are done with applying the plain old black mascara, applying a hint of color on top of the lashes could make them pop too. How about using some deep green or purple mascara on top of the lashes? Apart from these colors, try on blue, gray, turquoise and other bright colors. All of them are worth considering when it comes to enhancing the lashes.

Try on these lash extending tips and see the look of your eyes changing instantly.

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