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How to keep your eyes away from dark circles?

Your eyes are the window of your soul. This is very true saying because when we meet someone the first thing we look at is the eyes of other person. We all first notice other’s eyes. If you don’t have fresh eyes then you can’t say that you have complete personality. There are many people who have fair complexion and shiny skin but they have dark circles and I want to tell you that dark circles usually become prominent on fair skin.

So, it is the time to avoid dark circles and to make your face beautiful and very attractive. For this you have to do the following things. Here I am going to tell some secrets to get away from dark circles.

  • Drink plenty of water because water has a deep connection with our bodily health. If you drink 6 to 8 glass of water then you will never get dark circles around your eyes.
  • Sleep tight. Almost 8 hours of sleep at night is sufficient for any people. But it is my advice to sleep well at night instead of sleeping through out the day. Night is the natural time to take rest. If you remain awake the whole night and sleep the whole day then it means you are spending your life again the rules of nature and definitely your health will destroy.
  • Wash your eyes with cold water or you can put some drops of rose water. Your eyes will start blinking.
  • Put wet cotton over your eyes for some time and get relax you will feel the difference in your dark circles.
  • Put potatoes over the eyes. This is also very useful tip to avoid dark circles.
  • Used tea bags are also very useful for eyes.

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