How to Dress for a Party if You Are Pregnant: Choosing the Right Dress

If you have been invited to a party for the first time after you got pregnant then you must have lots of question about the outfit to choose for such an occasion. Below we prepared several tips about choosing the right dress for pregnant women.

Types of fabrics

Fabrics always matters but especially when you are pregnant. In general one can divide fabrics in to non-stretchy and stretch forms. Non-stretchable fabrics are satin, chiffon, and silk; stretch options are cotton, vinyl, spandex, lycra, and stretch velvet. In terms of fabric there are no limitations for maternity dresses, however experts say that best dresses for pregnant women combine two characteristics; they are either made of non-stretchy fabric with loose style, or vice versa. So choose what you prefer but remember about the combination of features.

Busts area and cleavage

There is no secret that when a woman becomes pregnant her cleavage becomes more attractive and spectacular. So as you have such advantage in your hands do not be afraid to show it off. Make people notice your great advantage!

Cover up your arms

Another feature of pregnant women is to gain some extra weight which is usually vivid at any part of her body. If you have gained some extra weight then professionals in pregnant wear advise covering up your arms, at list up from the elbows. You can cover them with lace sleeves or loose ‘butterfly’ sleeves to add style to your dress. In this way you will be able to hide your downsides and at the same time create perfect style.

Show-off your curves

This tip works not for everyone, but if you have flawless body and are ready to show it off then go one and dress in tight clothes.


When choosing among dresses for pregnant women you can find great options, but keep in mind that first of all it must be a comfortable dress. Remember that during the pregnancy you will have enough factors to work over that will make your life harder so do not make uncomfortable dress one of them.


Keep in mind that various embellishment such as crystals, sequins, or beads are absolutely normal for an evening dress. Furthermore with the help of proper embellishments you will be able to emphasize the needed parts of your body at the same time passing people off your extra kilograms, for instance. The rule applied here is to put additional elements on a dress in the places that you want to stand out while not ornamenting problematic areas.

Final Tip

And the last tip from our experts is to remember about the importance of sweaters and coats for pregnant women. When going for a party you can expect weather to get cooler. In order to stay comfortable and warm during the whole evening take something to warm you up. A light sweater, jacket or even a stylish coat that will complement your look and function perfectly.

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