How Layered Haircuts Can Make You Look Young

Are you familiar with layered haircuts? Or, are you sporting one? Do you know that most women think that this type of haircut is difficult to manage? Yes, many thought that maintaining this type of haircut will cost them a lot of money and time. Before you think about it, discover first the many advantages of having layered haircuts.

First, having your hair layered will give you more freedom for styling your hair.

Imagine if your hair is straight and thin. Even how much time you spend giving it a good styling, your hair will still look like you just came from the shower. No amount of gel or hairsprays can make the hair look voluminous. Unless of course, if you try to curl it with curling iron. However, the problem with curling it is that it will not hold that long. If your event is for the entire day, your hair will look straight again by the middle of the day.

Now, imagine if you wear layered haircuts. The layering of your hair will help make your long and thin hair look thick and full of body. It is true that we can’t control our genetics, so the best we can do is to create an illusion. The addition of layers to your hair will create an illusion of fullness, especially with your long and thin hair. If you add bangs to your layered hair, it will even be better. The contrast between your layered hair and the bangs will help emphasize your hairstyle.

Once you wear a layered haircut, make sure that you trim the ends every now and then. Tapered ends will make the hair look unhealthy and thinner. Usually, it is good to have your hair trimmed every five to seven weeks. Other way to create an illusion of fullness and volume is to make use of hair color. If you put highlights on your hair, it will give more dimensions to your hair. It will make your layered hair appear thicker. But, since hair colors may cause hair breakage, it is advisable to use natural hair color products. If all these will still not work to provide the illusion of volume and dimension to your hair, you may try clip-on extensions. Clip-on extensions are cheaper that other types of hair extensions. You can readily purchase these at your local stores.  Choose those that match the texture and color of your hair at different lengths to appear layered. This way, you can achieve an illusion of volume.

If you have the budget, you can get yourself hair extensions. Hair extensions can appear very natural, but the price may range from $100 to $ 5,000 per set depending on length, color, quantity, and quality. Also, hair extensions should be replaced at least every three months for better effect. While having hair extensions, you may also try to get a keratin treatment. This treatment is available at most specialty hair salons. Keratin can increase hair growth and make your hair thicker and shinier. This is a good treatment especially if you often use hair colors. Maintaining layered haircuts will not only make the hair look thicker, but will also make you look younger.

Second, layered hair can help make the hair look thinner.

If an individual is born with luscious, thick hair and you want to make it appear thinner; having a layered haircut will help. Yes, if layering can help make your hair appear thicker; it can also help make your hair appear thinner. There are hundreds of ways to make hair look thinner, but there are hundreds of mistake that you do that don’t help to achieve your goal.  To give you an idea, here are seven mistakes that you usually do to make the hair even look thicker.

Too much use of voluminizing products is not effective in making your thick hair appear thinner. These products are better for those who have thin hair. Yes, it is good to have voluminous hair; but if you overdo it, your hair will look even thicker.  Some hairstylists will suggest that you use this product to make your hair appear healthy, but it will also make the hair look thicker. Instead of using voluminizing products, use leave-on conditioner instead.

We all know that conditioners are important in attaining healthy hair. But, if you wash it all out, it will not perform its function. Make sure that when you use conditioners on your hair, you do not shower it off. The conditioner can help weigh the hair down and make it appear shiny and flat. So, make sure that after you rinse your hair, your hair should still feel slippery and not dry.

There are also many mistakes in using hair ironing products. Generally, flat ironing your hair will make it appear thinner as it flattens out your hair. Now, if your hair is thick, do not curl the tip when you iron your hair. The curls at the end will make the hair look thicker. Instead, flat iron the ends to make them look straight and thin. It is okay to curl the tip of your hair, if your hair is thin. The curls will add volume and make hair look thicker and fuller.

Wrong use of hair color is one culprit in making the hair look thicker instead of thinner. Multi-dimensional hair color is best for thin hair, but not for thick hair. Therefore, even if it is the fad, do not use it on your hair. One color can make your hair appear thinner. Lighter shades of color also help make your hair appear thinner. The color choices for thick hair with layered haircuts are ash, light brown, copper and blond shades.

Layered hair can make your thick hair appear thinner when done correctly. It is not all about just having your hair layered. It is about getting the correct layering. If you are not sure if a chosen hairstyle will suit you, get an expert do the layering of your hair. The layering should be done in few layers gradually up to the ends to make your thick hair appear thinner.

Razor cutting could be a cause to make your thick hair a disaster. Use of razors is easy, but if the hairstylist is not well experienced; your layering might be a disaster. Therefore, instead of thinning your hair, it might make your appear to have more volume. So, make sure that the salon you go to have experts in the use of razors. Also, ask them to do it slowly so you can check all the time if what they do is what you want done on your hair.

Mousse is one product that does wonder on any type of hair, but not on thick hair. Never make the mistake of using too much mousse on your thick hair. Generally, mousses are being used to add volume. Therefore, you do not need it because you already have volume. What you need is something to make it shiny and healthy.

How do you blow dry your thick hair? Blow drying is the fastest way to prepare your hair for any event. However, if you do it wrongly, you can add unwanted volume instead of making the hair look thinner. So, if you are blow drying your hair upside down, stop! The correct way to blow dry your thick hair is to blow dry it right side up. This way, your hair will look flatter and thinner. If you use leave-on conditioner, the more it will look thinner and healthier.

Lastly, proper hair care can help maintain layered haircuts and make you look younger and healthy.

One good thing about layered hairstyle is that it can fit any length of hair. Layering is suitable for short, medium and long hair length.  Layered hair is also suitable either for thick or thin hair. However, having layered hair is prone to hair damage as well. It is easy for hair to get split ends and breakage. Therefore, proper hair care should be given to your hair.

One way to make your hair healthy is regular washing. Dirt can make your hair brittle. Keeping your layered hair clean is necessary. Regular shampooing is done at least three times a week. Invest in quality shampoo in order not to damage your hair. The use of conditioner will make your hair healthier and strong. However, make sure that your shampoo and conditioner contain natural ingredients. Harsh ingredients can damage your hair.

Hair gadgets such as hair dyer, curling iron, and the like are useful in making the hair look beautiful. However, they can also cause damage to your hair. So, make sure that you use them properly. Use hot iron with slightly wet hair and not on dry hair. It is best if you use styling gels to maintain the moisture on your hair. Hair colors can do wonders on your hair, but if you can avoid using them; do so. Frequent hair coloring can be damaging not only on your hair, but on your scalp as well. If you want layered haircuts make you look younger, you have to make your hair stay healthy.

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