Skin Care

Home Remedies for your Hair and Skin

Skin and hair are the two most prominent part of your beauty and these two makes you look beautiful. First lets talk about hair, some girls love long hair and some likes short hair but majority of them including me love long hair because long hair gives an additional beauty to your face and personality.

Either your hair are short or long as far as they are healthy, shinny and have some body and volume so they are just perfect. Instead of spending your money on expensive hair treatments and conditions it is better to follow some home remedies because they are really very effective. Oiling is the first thing that is very important to apply on hair for better results use cooked coconut oil and add some curry leaves in it, it will give you strong thing and long hair. The other thing that is good for your hair is yogurt, apply yogurt onto your hair 20 minutes before the bath. Egg is also used for hair because it gives shine to your hair. Olive oil with some mint leaves and lemon also helps in thicken your hair.

Now comes the skin. Every other girl wants a beautiful, soft and glowing skin because it really affects one’s looks. Having a fair complexion is a plus point but people having dark complexion and beautiful features can also look beautiful if they take care of their skin. Some best home remedies for glowing and better skin are: mix white flour with little milk and make a thick paste and apply on your face for 15-20 minutes until it gets dry then rinse it with cold water and then you’ll feel the difference yourself. Also rub the vegetable slices on your skin like potatoes, cucumber, tomatoes and any other vegetable. Mash the tomatoes and apply the paste on your skin and you will get a better complexion.

These were few remedies that are best and 100% effective, so instead of wasting your money on beauty products and hair treatments it is always better to follow these simple home remedies a and then within few days you will feel the difference in your skin and hair.

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