Holiday Season Preparation: 5 Steps for Savvy Salons

As much as we may hate to admit it, the silly season is almost upon us. It’s tempting to put off holiday season preparation, but the sooner you get sorted, the smoother the sailing!
Holiday season preparation is stressful for any business owner, but for customers of hair and beauty businesses, vanity season is rife! This equates to a huge influx of clients looking for various treatments ahead of various parties and get-togethers. As you well know, many clients leave their appointments to the last minute.
You can’t avoid it, but you can get on top of it.
Although daunting, holiday season preparation is hugely beneficial. Not only will your clients thank you for being prepared, but your team will benefit from the reduced stress as well.
Here’s our top 5 tips for holiday season preparation:
Organise Schedules – Organise leave for your staff as early as possible. Even though they might not get the exact holidays they desire, your staff will appreciate knowing in advance. Being able to make plans means your staff will have something to look forward to at the end of the year. This improves morale, and the overall atmosphere in the salon. Don’t forget to book some time off for yourself as well!
Track inventory – This is important not just for holiday season preparation, but for starting the following year as well. If you offer physical products, check what’s selling best and make sure you have enough in stock for the holidays. Everything moves slower during this period, so remember that re-stocking may take longer than usual. Taking a look at what services you offer at the same time will help you make sure the appropriate staff are around
Marketing Campaign – A business owner knows that they’re never truly on holiday, but for a salon owner this is even more apparent around Christmas. The silly season can be very lucrative, so if your salon is winding down around Christmas rather than revving up, don’t be surprised if another salon grabs the attention of your clients. To avoid this, you need to spread the word that you’re open for business!
Start organising a holiday marketing campaign now, and adhere to it during the holiday season. Starting work on your digital content now means that most of your digital marketing can be scheduled to run over the holiday period. You might even find time to take a break yourself!
Website Preparation – Now is the time to do any necessary upgrades to your website. Clients prefer online bookings, so make sure their path to booking online is as easy as possible. Spend an hour running through the booking process yourself, searching for any bugs or errors. If you catch them now, they can be fixed. If you notice them in December, things may be different.
Contact Clients – Use rebooking reminders to let clients know that you’re there for them. Remind them to book a treatment for their Christmas party, family gathering, or just for fun while they’re off work. Customers are much more likely to treat themselves or spend a little extra during the holiday season. Try running some special offers to capitalise on this opportunity. ‘2-for-1’ deals work especially well, as most people have the same days off. This makes it easy for two people to find the time to come in for a treatment together.
Save yourself a tonne of stress this year by following our holiday season preparation advice. Organisation is the key to finding confidence in both yourself, and your business.
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