Blazers tops and shirts for women

Styles come and styles go only to come back again. Looks are often modified to keep them in synch with the times, but there are some trends that remain steady with the flow of time. They gradually garner a strong place in our hearts and eventually in our wardrobes and are considered to be the wardrobe staples. Starting with the little black dress to the maxi dress to typical Indian ethnic wear to shirts for women and other tops which count as the must have items – all of these are found in the modern woman’s closet.

shirts for women

Historically speaking, shirts for women had been one of the most versatile pieces to have secured a place in our wardrobes. Whether in shades of white or the classic oxford blue, we are sure to keep reaching out for this style all the time. Shirts for women should ideally be long, almost covering the butt portion of our bodies with a hem that looks like a shirt tail. The silhouette that it creates is supposed to be a bit oversized, but the sleeves of the shirt should be long and slim. Classically tailored shirts for women come with small collars, and are sure to brave the ups and downs of fashion trends with great ease, such that they will never go out of fashion.  Shirts offer an entirely different silhouette than dresses for girls. Dresses are meant to accentuate the femininity, while the shirts are more men’s fashion inspired. Yet a woman can look extremely feminine and ravishing in a shirt which is differently made than a man’s shirt thereby flattering a woman’s look like no other outfit. How would you differentiate between a woman’s shirt and a shirt that belongs to a man? Well, you must have observed that a woman’s shirt comes with more structured look than that of a man. Along with structure, they differ in orientation too. To the person wearing the shirt, a man’s shirt has its buttons on the right side, while a woman’s shirt will have buttons on the left.

Tops for women other than ladies’ shirts are equally important to complete the wardrobe of the urban Indian woman who loves to keep adding fresh and new styles to their collection and bring in variety to the looks. This is the reason why we think that tops for women are must haves and play a vital role in women’s fashion. They are not only comfortable and convenient but also offer a different means to dress up beautifully for different occasions. It is tough to imagine how versatile tops for women can be. They are available in all conceivable sizes, shapes, prints and patterns which make them perfect for wearing to office, to parties, to rock concerts and art exhibitions; and what more, you can also team them with different styles of pants, jeans and skirts to add up more variation to your look. You can wear tops for women for every day daily wear as well for special occasions. Hence it is totally understandable why we love to fill up our closets with tops of every possible cut, color and style!

Apart from these ladies tops, blazers for women are also a definite must have item, which can never go out of fashion. Come to think of it, blazers for women are available in multitudes of styles.  Blazers can come in infinite styles starting with the fitted, oversized, classic or even boyfriend style, and the very fact that they can blend in so conveniently with absolutely any attire is the best thing about them. What more, you can also experiment with your look by wearing your dress with blazers to make it appear peppy or classy depending on what look you want to pull off. As much as we are into the grunge look, we do need to spruce up once in a while, and add variety and sometimes a formal touch. It goes without saying that a professional appearance can be pulled off in the best way by wearing a business chic blazer. Blazers for women will forever remain versatile and the truth is that they will remain the go-to fashion outfit for any work related event. A blazer which fits nicely at your shoulders can make you look ever so nice and smart! If you are an adventurous soul and open to experiment with looks, then the oversized boyfriend style blazer is the new way to go with your favourite mini dress or skirt teamed with heels and any top to go with it. With this, you are sure to attain that irresistible look with some smart styling with blazers.

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