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A Year Of Trendy Transformations in New Jersey

Celebville is highly competitive, one must not allow tediousness to creep in – in order to earn & keep their spot on the A-List. Therein comes the pressure to always stay on the tips of their toes and their rigorously maintained this on their hairstylist’ seat. Looks change with every passing fad, fans look to these beauties to embrace the divine feminity to keep them updated on what hairdos to catch up to this season. We have to keep up with the times too, here’s a quick look at the 2018 transformations of the Hollywood’ hotties.

This Summer Looks Like One Long Blonde Moment

#1. One of the remarkable celebrity 2018 changes has to be the one of already beautiful Shailene Woodley, she is extremely gorgeous. The modest beauty has been through varying hairstyles that range from androgynous shortly-cut & dark-colored bangs that turned her into a star. The free-spirited starlet has moved from those short hair days to a full on long blonde hair fringe that fits her jawline perfectly. The bangs were dark colored earlier on in the year as she wore them in a balayage. She has dyed a bright dramatic blonde

How to get it: This look is achieved by using a curling iron to curl on small portions of your hair at a time, the hair should be separated individually until you get your desired look.

Following Beyonce’ Lead. Because She Knowles It All

#2. Beyonce has always been a style icon, known not only for her trending outfits, but also for her anticipated hairdos. Being one whose name is synonymous with girl power, she always goes with long feminine hairstyles which she pulls off by addition of hair extensions and weaves. She proved all of us thinking we Knowles’ her choice in hairdos wrong, she went for a sleek gender-fluid look with the trending fashion runway sci-fi bob hairdo The sci-fi bob originates from the classic period when sci-fi movies were gaining popularity and bobs were the hairstyle of choice. Queen B is the reigning queen of this trendy look, managing not only to catch up with the trend and pull it off- she just had to transcend the bob opting for curly edges instead of the traditional straight edges that are usually associated with the hairstyle. With her hair stylist doing an excellent job on dying her hair in the trending color of this summer – honey blonde

How to get it: besides your dye of choice for this look, preferably sun-kissed honey blonde. Keep your hair at just below shoulder length to get more allowance for the edges. You really need a hair salon for this one – as the edges are very tricky if you are going for the more straight-lined look to them

#3. With a face that can pull of any hairstyle, Hadley Ripley has finally decided to ditch her long-term relationship with her signature chestnut brown colored hair. Her new flame is a beautiful honey blonde lob that she now wears in an effortless updo with shoulder-length bangs – with tresses that highlight her facial features fittingly. This is a new look for the 25-year-old Star Wars actress. She is rumored to be spotting the new look in preparation for an upcoming movie role in the new Spiderman movie

How To Get It: You just need a dye for this Hairstyle Look for a dye with a conditioning formula that adds long lasting luminous color from root to tip. Formulas with Pro Keratine are perfect for nourishing healthy glowing hair.

Getting with the times is easy, you can now go ahead and become the trendsetter in your day to day for other women

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