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A Guide to Removing Tape-In Extensions

Tape in hair extensions are a perfect option for semi-permanent hair extensions since they are quick to apply and easy to remove. Now, not all tape in hair extensions are created equal. In fact, there are tape in lines that have tape adhesive that is so strong on your natural hair that it pulls and damages your hair.  

There are also tape in extensions that are poorly made that will slip out in just a few hair washes! On the other hand, there are tape in extensions that are manufactured with premium medical grade adhesive — powerful enough to hold for up to three months and are easy to remove.

How are they removed and how long will it take to remove them?

Tape in extensions are straightforward to apply and easy to take out when you use an organic tape in hair bond remover. Some hair extension companies advise their customers to use harsh alcohol or solvents because the tape adhesive they use is way too powerful and damaging.

However, there are high-quality extensions you can buy like premium tape hair extensions by EH Hair that do not require harsh chemicals and allow you to take the extensions out correctly, quickly, and without causing any damage. It takes under 10 minutes to remove a full head of tape in extensions with NO damage.

How will you know when it’s time to remove your tape extensions?

Tape in extensions need to be replaced every two to three months. The quicker your hair grows, the quicker they will need to be replaced. Also, if you have a lot of product buildup in your hair or have not taken care of your hair extensions, they may become loose and will need to be removed. Most who wear tape in hair extensions get ten weeks of wear.  When your tape extensions are slipping or if they have grown more than a couple of inches, that’s generally a good indication that it is time to have them taken out.

Can I take out my tape in hair extensions myself?

If you are not sure how to remove your tape in hair extensions or if you do not have any experience with hair extensions at all, you should probably go to a salon to have them removed. Although, tape in extensions are extremely easy to remove at home with an organic remover and many new hair extension users try to remove them on their own. You can remove them at home as long as you follow all steps and be sure not to pull too hard when removing.

How do I take out my tape in hair extensions?

Drench the tape bonds with the organic bond remover. Let the oil seep in-between the tape bonds and let it rest for about 1 minute. Gradually begin to peel back the tape in extensions. If you notice that some of the tape in extensions are sticking, just add more oil. The oil will release the two bonds, and they will slip right out. Just keep in mind that removing your tape in hair extensions is straightforward, quick and non-damaging if you are wearing premium tape in hair extensions.

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