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5 myths about hair supplement products

5 Common Misconceptions about Hair Care and Their Cures

Everyone wants a healthy head of hair; however, hair is complex and has just as many nutritional needs as the rest of our body. Unfortunately, in our scramble to get these nutrients to our hair, we can end up giving into some common misconceptions and make a few mistakes that can leave us worse off than before. Here are some of the biggest mistakes people make when pursuing healthy hair care.

#1 A Little Sun Keeps Your Shine

Many believe that sunlight, as a natural supply of Vitamin D, is a great first step to promoting healthy hair care. It is true that Vitamin D is not only a solid source of energy, but a strong supplement to hair as it strengthens hair follicles and cells while also working wonders for your scalp. However, it is not as if we can spend all our time in the sun. And what about those cold, overcast days in winter?


An easy workaround to this problem is the use of a daily Vitamin D supplement. Healthy hair care begins with knowing what will do your hair good, but consistent growth and replenishment of that precious mane is only going to come through giving it daily attention. Vitamin D is full of minerals that are beneficial to your hair growth and maintenance and is in general easy to come by. Consider a hair supplement or hair multivitamin that contains Vitamin D.

#2 Frequent Trims Promote Full Growth

A countless number of people flock to salons for their monthly trimming, thinking that it will increase their hair growth potential if they take an inch off every so often. Managing your hair is necessary for healthy hair care, however it does not always result in increased growth. This is simply another one of those hair care myths that mislead you into paying unnecessary amounts of money for a trim that gets you no closer to the hair length you desire.


If you really want to increase your hair growth, scrap this myth and get yourself some Vitamin C. That’s right, Vitamin C isn’t only a popular counter against colds, it is an excellent choice as a hair supplement and hair vitamin. First, it increases collagen levels. Collagen is essential for lengthening hair follicles. Vitamin C also manages your Iron, breaking it down and allowing it to benefit your hair by strengthening it and increasing length. 

#3 Rinse and Repeat Keeps Hair Neat

Forgive the pathetic attempt at a catchy rhyme, but you must address this next hair faux pas. One of the most common ways of inhibiting healthy hair care is by washing too often. Just like taking hot showers twice a day can dry out your skin, washing too often and following the old adage “Lather, Rinse, and Repeat” can cause your hair to feel dry and even strip hair color. It is never good to overwork your hair, and it is generally better to let it be while you provide it with the nutrients it needs.


A quick counter to this problem is to simply wash only once and skip the repeating phase. Next, it would be wise to consider a hair supplement or hair vitamin that offers Vitamin A. Vitamin A is a great counter to dry hair and keeps your scalp moisturized as well. Vitamin A is rich with antioxidants such as Retinoids and Carotenoids that nourish hair and promote healthy hair care, minimizing dandruff and keeping hair from drying out.

Your list of vitamins is getting long! Checking out a hair supplement or hair multivitamin would be a great step to healthy hair care. For a look at some products that will keep your hair healthy and stunning, try Hairfinity’s line of vitamins and supplements here. 

#4 Healthy Hair Means a Healthy Scalp

This is one of the biggest mistakes made by those working towards healthy hair care. It is common to assume that if you manage your hair well, your scalp will follow suit. However, while providing your hair with the necessary nutrients for full growth can certainly reward your scalp as well, you may be starving it of essential care. Using hair supplements and hair vitamins for that lush mane of yours is only half the battle, and there are other nutrients you could be using to keep your scalp healthy and moisturized.


Some great examples of scalp care are Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. Dr. Axe suggests applying an Aloe Vera juice or gel directly to the scalp, as this will sooth and condition the skin as well as encourage hair growth. Healthy hair care often begins with a healthy scalp, and it is important not to neglect this area of the body. Vitamin E is also capable of aiding the scalp, as it regulates blood flow and expands the capillaries creating fertile ground for the hair to grow. If you’re going to make a serious effort toward healthy hair care, be sure that your hair supplements and hair vitamins have nutrients beneficial to your scalp!

If you like the idea of using natural remedies like Aloe Vera, here is some more information on natural hair care.

#5 Biotin is the Miracle Cure-all

If you’ve explored improving your hair before, it’s likely you have heard of Biotin. Biotin is a common hair supplement that is used to strengthen hair and promote hair growth, and it has grown a reputation as the miracle hair supplement. While it’s effects are positive, it’s popularity has encouraged some to depend on it solely for healthy hair care. However, Biotin alone cannot guarantee results when trying for stronger, richer hair.


I’m sure you’ve noticed a pattern by now. No one hair supplement or hair vitamin can guarantee the best results, just as ignoring all vitamins except for one particularly beneficial vitamin would not be so good for your overall health. Like your body, your hair requires a variety of nutrients that can only be provided by making sure you include the vitamins you need in your diet. Biotin is a must for healthy hair care, but it is better to use this miracle nutrient in a multivitamin or in combination with other hair supplements and hair vitamins.

You can find out more about the vitamins mentioned above and others via this link on vitamins for hair growth.


So what’s the bottom-line? Anyone who is serious about healthy hair care would be wise to include a hair supplement or hair vitamin in their regular diet to maintain the appropriate nutrients needed for full growth, strong hair, and a comfortable scalp.

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